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More About Chuck

Chuck is a National Federation of Professional Trainers certified personal trainer. Chuck's life has been dedicated to fitness. From a young age Chuck was involved in sports. He played basketball in high school, went on to play basketball at D'Youville College, and professionally (PBL). During college Chuck started personal training and worked as a strength and conditioning coach.

About Chuck

Chuck understands transitioning to a healthy lifestyle can be difficult. Implementing drastic changes to eating habits and training schedule can provide immediate change. This method works best for clients seeking instant results. However, such drastic changes are incompatible with long-term sustainability. 

Chuck believes in employing small and steady changes. This method ensures speedy results with long-term sustainability. Chuck’s number one goal is to provide clients with the necessary tools to maintain and advance results long after the personal training relationship has ended.   

TWC provides one-on-one, couple, and group training sessions. Whether you have short term or long term fitness goals Chuck can help you achieve them. Contact us for more information.





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